Financial Search Group


Staffing With Integrity

Professional Placement Services 

Financial Search Group provides professional staffing to a wide variety of companies from medium size manufacturers to fortune 500 companies all over the nation. We are capable of meeting the expectations of this cross section of the business community because each position is focused on by our empowered, highly-trained and experienced staff. Your job search will be given personalized, confidential assistance.

Contract Staffing- How Our Services Improve the Hiring Process

Add People Not Paperwork 

Often a client company finds they need assistance without the management of long term employees. We can assist with everything from recruiting and hiring, to pay and benefits management.

Customized Programs 

Financial Search Group can create a program that will meet your needs. Let our trained consultants help design a program to fit your specifications. Call our offices today to get a customized plan that works for you . 

Hiring Flexibility 

At Financial Search Group we offer a full range of hiring methods for our clients. We offer Direct Hire, Contract Staff, and Contract Staff to Hire, all within a system designed to meet your needs.

Project Staffing

Providing the flexibility and speed you need to match your workforce to changing market demands, Financial Search Group specializes in:

  • Flexible staffing
  • Full-time placement
  • Management of flexible workforce
Short Term and Long Term Projects

Projects that last from months to years is our forte; we pride ourselves in creating an ease and consistency throughout the hiring process for any and every company we work with. Our goal as hiring and staffing experts is to manage all projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Your Strategic Workforce Management Partner

With Financial Search Group as your strategic workforce management partner, you can employ more competitive staffing strategies to:

  • Enhance your productivity
  • Reduce your costs
  • Increase your profitability

Strategic Workforce Management

The Inflexible Workforce
  • Significant fixed costs
  • Workload peaks met with overtime/premium pay
  • Valleys result in idle workers & lost productivity
  • High costs due to overstaffing, overtime, turnover, recruiting, hiring and training
Financial Search Group Managed Staffing Solution
  • Lower fixed costs
  • Financial Search Group workforce increases or reduces to match workload cycles
  • Reduced turnover
  • Financial Search Group recruits, hires & manages your flexible workforce

   Financial Search Group strategic workforce management solutions help you:
  • Identify opportunities to reduce labor & overhead costs
  • Devote greater focus to core competencies
  • More effectively manage staff workload & workflow